Where 2020 Democrats Stand on Medicare-for-All - updated version 06/21/19

This updated article includes multiple interactive graphics which illustrate where each candidate stands on Medicare-for-All and other related healthcare issues.  By Kevin Uhrmacher , Kevin Schaul, Paulina Firozi and Jeff Stein, Washington Post.

HCACF's position on this Washington Post article:

"Public Option" - "Medicare Buy-In" - "Medicare X" - "Medicare for America" – "Medicare Extra for All" – These are "Faux Medicare" health coverage proposals by Democrats that seek to appeal to the popular traditional "Medicare" name, while perpetuating at their core the fragmented multiple private health insurance model - complex and administratively costly. The offer of a "Medicare buy-in" or a "Public option" invites cherry-picking by private insurers who pad profits by selectively covering the healthy, while relegating the chronically ill to a "public plan" – thus driving up public costs to increase private profits. Only the cost-sustainability of a National Public Health Insurance, a Single-Payer Medicare for All model can control costs and provide universal coverage in a single large risk pool insurance.

 Where 2020 Democrats Stand on Medicare-for-All-updated July 15, 2019  

Where 2020 Democrats Stand on Medicare-for-All updated September 20, 2019 What are your thoughts? Please write your comments below.

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