Truthseekers Podcasts

Truthseekers - Health Justice    A series of podcasts that challenge the false corporate narrative and address the flawed concepts and corporate power structure underlying the failed U.S. health insurance model; unfortunately, often resulting in the sacrifice of human and environmental health to the corporate bottom line. These podcasts are produced by Michele Swenson, Denver Open Media member and HCACF board member.

Dismantling Lies of the Health Insurance Industry


Medicare Advantage: Trojan Horse for Privatization of Medicare

Michele Swenson interviews HCACF board member Robert Messman.  They explore the differences between Medicare, Medicare Advantage and Medigap plans. 


False Promise of Employer Health Coverage

This podcast examines the false narrative surrounding employer-provided health coverage, a large source of income for the commercial health insurance industry, even as this form of private health insurance is propped up by the political class who are recipients of large contributions from health insurance industry.


North Denver: Human & Environmental Sacrifice Zone

North Denver Zip Code 80216 was named the most toxic Zip Code in 2017.  Community members express their concerns about living at ground zero in what the EPA formerly named an Environmental Justice Community - predominantly minority, "suffering an undue burden of environmental pollution." The health effects of exposure to contaminants are discussed. 


False 'Choice' of Private Health Insurance

The first minute of this Podcast consists of statements by candidates and reporters who echo insurance industry talking points. The notion that the insured have private insurance 'choice' is contradicted by the more frequent 'choice' by insurers to arbitrarily drop unprofitable plans, medicines, doctors and hospitals, often leaving the insured responsible for large medical bills. Dr. Vincent Markovchick, former director of Denver Health Emergency Services, provides commentary.


Corrupting Influence of Corporate Money on Elections, Politicians & Policy-Making

Corporate money exerts an inordinate influence on U.S. elections, even as it drives a false corporate health reform narrative parroted by mainstream media and candidates.


The Need for a #PeoplesStimulus

More than four decades of neoliberal economic policy has transferred wealth upward and flattened workers' wages. In the current economic/pandemic crisis, the bulk of bailouts are again going to Wall Street & corporations. There is a need to realign U.S. moral, social and economic priorities to be responsive to the people. COVID-19 pandemic magnifies the need for a minimum floor of protections for people.