Single Payer is Actually a Huge Bargain

Do you agree that Single Payer is Actually a Huge Bargain?  Read this article from The Nation and see if you agree with the authors that single payer will save lives and dollars.  What are your thoughts?  Please write your comments below.

Single Payer


Drs. Himmelstein & Woolhandler state that George Blahous' study from the Koch-funded Mercatus Center is riddled with errors that inflate the cost of single payer by grossly underestimating single payer's administrative cost savings with a simplified payment system, instead of the current model of hundreds of insurance plans with differing payments rates, rules and requirements. Even with his misstatement of costs of single payer,  Blahous' study demonstrates a $2 trillion savings over 10 years.

George Blahous also underestimates the possibility of savings with negotiation for prescription drug cost, the amount federal government already pays for health care, and potential state and local government health care savings. In addition to overall cost savings, the security of coverage provided by single payer to individuals and families is priceless.

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