Medicare For All Will Save Working Families THOUSANDS Each Year

Farron Cousins take a personal look at how Medicare for All will save the average American family thousands of dollars every year, which is money that would then be put back into our economy. Based on our best information and research, this article represents HCACF's support of Medicare for All but does not reflect our views on any particular candidate. 

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Single-Payer Health Care Closes Loopholes

In an op-ed, Dr. Diane Lucas conveys her support for single-payer, and responds to S 1531 (STOP Surprise Medical Bills Act) versus HB 1384 (The Medicare for All Act of 2019).  She states that "While it's a start, the STOP Surprise Medical Bills Act is just another Band-Aid on the sinking ship known as the American health care system".


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Healthcare Reformer Wendell Potter: The For-Profit 'System Is Unraveling'

Michael Winship interviewed Wendell Potter from Tarbell and Business for Medicare for All. They discussed many topics including healthcare reform, Medicare for All, the Affordable Care Act, rising costs of medical care and propaganda campaigns by private insurers.

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Four Key Things You Should Know About Health Care

Ezekiel J. Emanuel and Victor R. Fuchs take an in-depth look at what they are citing as the four fallacies about our healthcare system:

1) Employers pay for employees’ health insurance
2) Medicare for All is unaffordable
3) Insurance companies’ profits drive health care costs
4) Price transparency can bring down health care costs

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To Save Money, American Patients And Surgeons Meet In Cancun

In order to save money, American patients and their surgeons are going out of the country to get treatment. Medical Tourism is on the rise. thanks to NASH, North American Specialty Hospital. 

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Medicare for All: A Voter's Cheat Sheet

Dr. James G. Kahn and Dr. Elliot Marseille created a 7 point cheat sheet on the facts of Medicare-for-All in an effort to clarify points made in the June Democratic debate. 7/17/19

Read Medicare for All: A Voter's Cheat Sheet.  What are your thoughts? Please write your comments below.

Medicare Advantage Plans Overbill Taxpayers By Billions Annually, Records Show

NPR reports that over the past 3 years, Medicare has been overcharged an excess of $30 billion by different health insurers, and recuperating the money is a slow and difficult process. Medicare Advantage plans are the cause of this crisis. 

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How to Spot the Health Insurance Industry’s Favorite Democrats

Sen. Michael Bennet is one of the Democratic Party’s chief mouthpieces for private insurance, promoting “Medicare X,” a plan that maintains private health insurance as its centerpiece. As a major recipient of money from insurance, PhARMA, hospitals and other segments of the medical industrial complex, Bennet adopts many of industry’s talking points, as former insurance executive and whistle blower Wendell Potter describes in this February 11, 2019 article that will continue to resonate into the coming year and months of presidential campaigning.

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Why Some CEOs Figure ‘Medicare For All’ Is Good For Business

Phil Galewitz, from KHN Kaiser Health News, examines why an increasing number of businesses support universal health care.  The rising costs in our current system is certainly one of the reasons.   He interviewed several people, including Richard Master who stated  “Insurance companies are not watching the store and don’t have incentives to hold down costs in the current system.” 

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House Ways and Means Committee Letter

HCACF Board members Michele Swenson and Tom Gottlieb wrote a letter to the House Ways and Means committee in response to the recent Hearing on Pathways to Universal Health Coverage. 

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