Big Pharma Celebrates New Year By Raising Prices Over 250 Drugs

Beth Mole from ARS Technica reports on the price gauging hikes by Big Pharma, which are well above the actual rate of inflation.

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We’ve Been Tracking Pharma Payments to Doctors For Nearly A Decade. We Just Made A Big Breakthrough.

ProPublica conducted a study based on the following question: Were the drug company payments linked to doctors’ drug choices?  According to deputy managing editor Charles Ornstein, the results are in and the answer is yes!

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Tell 2020 Dems: Reject Campaign Contributions from Big Pharma and Big Insurance

Social Security Works is collecting signatures, asking Democratic presidential candidates to reject taking money from Big Pharma and Big Insurance companies. HCACF supports their efforts.

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Why Does the American Medical Association Have Such a Feeble Response to Our Health Care Crisis?

Dr. Sanjeev K. Sriram takes the position that healthcare is a basic right and that Medicare-for-All is a way to ensure that all Americans will be covered, even though the AMA is siding with the insurance industry.  Profit before patients is not what most doctors or patients support. Common Dreams, April 12, 2019 

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A Tough Negotiator Proves Employers Can Bargain Down Health Care Prices at a Great Cost of Time and Energy

As head of Montana’s Employee Benefit Plan, Marilyn Bartlett negotiated uniform hospital and pharmaceutical rates, saving system from bankruptcy. What Bartlett achieved in Montana over a two-year period can be accomplished with relative ease nationally under a Medicare-for-All national health insurance model.   By Marsha Allen, NPR October 2, 2018.  Photo by Mike Albans for NPR.

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Drug companies using tax windfall to benefit shareholders, not patients

If only the shareholders from drug companies are getting the benefit of tax savings and not the general public, then how do families pay for their medications?  What are your thoughts? Please add your comments below.

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Big Pharma: Market Failure


Watch Big Pharma: Market Failure on Denver Open Media