Nevada Culinary Union Favors Benefits Provided By Private Commercial Insurance

The Nevada Culinary Union has established a position which favors benefits provided by private commercial insurance, as opposed to single-payer or universal health care. Information and Disinformation (lies) will become the business of the current 2020 American political campaign. How will Americans/Union members be able to differentiate the truth from lies?

Organizations and individuals, including Health Care for All Colorado Foundation, oppose the Nevada Culinary Union's position.

Launching “Patients over Profits”; Nevada’s Culinary Union Attacks; John Oliver Takes on the Public Option by Healthcare NOW! and National Nurses Union

In New flyer, Culinary Union Warns Members Sanders Would 'End" Their Healthcare if Elected President  by Megan Messerly The Nevada Independent

“I Would Love Medicare for All”: A Nevada Culinary Union Member on Why She Supports Bernie Sanders by Rebecca Burns, IN These Times

Why the Nevada Culinary Workers Revolted Against Their Union Bosses to Support Sanders and Medicare for All by John Buell, Common Dreams

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