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Pretense of Private Health Insurance "Choice"

A frequent assertion by the commercial health insurance industry, echoed by mainstream media and many candidates, is the need for greater 'choice' of private health insurance. However, experience demonstrates that 'choice' remains with insurers, who arbitrarily drop unprofitable plans, medicines, doctors and hospitals, too often leaving the insured high and dry. Insurers can and do choose to cover the healthy, more profitable clients, and drop the sick. Insurance science proves that a single large risk pool insurance like traditional Medicare is much more actuarially sound and financially sustainable than multiple administratively complex small risk pool commercial insurers.

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Medicare’s Private Option Is Gaining Popularity, and Critics

Medicare Advantage plans are attracting consumers, while the insurance companies turn over huge profits.  Do these plans really help us, the consumers, as they claim, or is their real purpose to deceive? If a person gets ill, often times Medicare Advantage plans do not protect enrollees from high fees or worse, from not being covered for a procedure. 

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Health Care 2020

There are many health care terms and concepts to absorb and comprehend, which can prove to be both confusing and misleading, so Tarbell has taken on the task of providing clear explanations for each of these differing models. 

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Let's Be Very Clear: Medicare for All Is Not Socialism

The differences between socialism and socialized medicine, as well as the discrepancies between social insurance versus private insurance, are points that are often confused or falsely explained.

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Cancer Coverage on Medicare Advantage? Things you SHOULD know

Christopher Westfall, from Senior Savings Network, takes an in-depth look at Medicare Advantage plans, specifically the "How to Read My Health Plans" section of the current Medicare and You Booklet. His findings are informative and very insightful into the difficulties of understanding Medicare Advantage.

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Truthseekers Podcasts

"Moment of Truth"  Truthseekers Podcast  - Michele Swenson is producing a series of podcasts that challenge the false corporate narrative and address the flawed concepts and corporate power structure underlying the failed U.S. health insurance; unfortunately, often resulting in the sacrifice of human and environmental health to the corporate bottom line.

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Medicare DISadvantage: The Private Company Taking Your Medicare Dollars

Thom Hartmann discusses how private, for profit insurance companies claim they are providing you with Medicare coverage, but in reality are simply taking your money for their own financial gain.  

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Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage: Trojan Horse for Privatization of Medicare

Medicare Advantage: Trojan Horse for Privatization of Medicarea Truthseekers Podcast.  Michele Swenson interviews HCACF board member Robert Messman.  They explore the differences between Medicare, Medicare Advantage and Medigap plans.   Produced by Michele Swenson, Denver Open Media member and an HCACF board member. 

Medicare for All: Fears and Facts

This article reports on why healthcare reform is not only necessary, but possible. 

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