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Healthcare Inequities and Racism

Current research shows the growing inequities in our healthcare system, especially with respect to available resources and funding.  For example, a hospital that serves people in a white community provides significantly better services with better equipment than a hospital in a community that serves people of color. 

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Five Things to Know About COVID-19 Transmission

WHO, World Health Organization, provides a straightforward explanation on how COVID-19 is spread and what we need to know about this virus. 

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Pretense of Private Health Insurance "Choice"

A frequent assertion by the commercial health insurance industry, echoed by mainstream media and many candidates, is the need for greater 'choice' of private health insurance. However, experience demonstrates that 'choice' remains with insurers, who arbitrarily drop unprofitable plans, medicines, doctors and hospitals, too often leaving the insured high and dry. Insurers can and do choose to cover the healthy, more profitable clients, and drop the sick. Insurance science proves that a single large risk pool insurance like traditional Medicare is much more actuarially sound and financially sustainable than multiple administratively complex small risk pool commercial insurers.

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Doctors Say Medicare For All Is The Best System For America

Doctors make the claim that Medicare for All is the only viable solution which can solve our healthcare crisis. Farron Cousins reacts to a report from The Hill which strongly supports Medicare for All over a public option, by providing his own insight into why we need universal healthcare coverage now. 

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New Healthcare Podcasts!

Our partners at Healthcare-NOW! have recently launched their new project, Medicare for All, the Podcast! These are produced by Benjamin Day and Stephanie Nakajima, and focus on the need for universal healthcare for all Americans; it is our right!

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North Denver: Human & Environmental Sacrifice Zone

Named the most toxic zip code in 2017, 80216 encompasses North Denver communities impacted by 2 highways, a largely unremediated Superfund Site, and City & CDOT plans to lower and triple the footprint of Interstate 70 through these communities. Community members discuss the multi-generational health impacts of contamination on their families and neighborhoods.

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The Real Deal with Medicare for All with Robert Reich

Robert Reich created a video which breaks down how much an average family currently spends on healthcare and then compares that amount to what it would cost if we had Medicare for All here in the United States. The only logical conclusion: We need Medicare for All and we need it now. 

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Dr. Abdul El-Sayed offers two new healthcare podcasts:

HEALTHCARE DISSECTED PT 1: “NOBODY KNEW HEALTHCARE COULD BE SO COMPLICATED" is an interview with Lisa Cardillo, whose personal story and frightening experience with our healthcare system, raises many questions and concerns about our current system.

HEALTHCARE DISSECTED PT 2: MEDICARE-FOR-WHO? Part 2 explores the major healthcare plans: Medicare-For-All (single-payer), the public option, and Medicare-for-America 

America Dissected with Abdul El-Sayed, MD,  Crooked Media,  What are your thoughts?  Please write your comments below.

Truthseekers Podcasts

"Moment of Truth"  Truthseekers Podcast  - Michele Swenson is producing a series of podcasts that challenge the false corporate narrative and address the flawed concepts and corporate power structure underlying the failed U.S. health insurance; unfortunately, often resulting in the sacrifice of human and environmental health to the corporate bottom line.

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