Let's Be Very Clear: Medicare for All Is Not Socialism

The differences between socialism and socialized medicine, as well as the discrepancies between social insurance versus private insurance, are points that are often confused or falsely explained.

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Cancer Coverage on Medicare Advantage? Things you SHOULD know

Christopher Westfall, from Senior Savings Network, takes an in-depth look at Medicare Advantage plans, specifically the "How to Read My Health Plans" section of the current Medicare and You Booklet. His findings are informative and very insightful into the difficulties of understanding Medicare Advantage.

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Pricing and Payment: National Outpatient Prescription Drug Plan

HCACF Board members Eldon Van Der Wege and Thomas Billroth Gottlieb recently studied how viable market techniques, when combined with efficient financing, can lower the prices of outpatient prescription drugs and provide coverage for everyone. 

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Hospital Industry Leading Fight Against Medicare for All

Andrew Perez reports on the data identifying dark money as being the core of the hospital industry's fight against universal healthcare, which directly impacts the industry's attempt to eliminate any government run healthcare plan.

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Four Key Things You Should Know About Health Care

Ezekiel J. Emanuel and Victor R. Fuchs take an in-depth look at what they are citing as the four fallacies about our healthcare system:

1) Employers pay for employees’ health insurance
2) Medicare for All is unaffordable
3) Insurance companies’ profits drive health care costs
4) Price transparency can bring down health care costs

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Truthseekers Podcasts

"Moment of Truth"  Truthseekers Podcast  - Michele Swenson is producing a series of podcasts that challenge the false corporate narrative and address the flawed concepts and corporate power structure underlying the failed U.S. health insurance; unfortunately, often resulting in the sacrifice of human and environmental health to the corporate bottom line.

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False Promise of Employer Health Coverage

False Promise of Employer Health Coverage, a Truthseekers Podcast  This podcast examines the false narrative surrounding employer-provided health coverage, a large source of income for the commercial health insurance industry, even as this form of private health insurance is propped up by the political class who are recipients of large contributions from health insurance industry. Produced by Michele Swenson, member of Denver Open Media and an HCACF board member.   



Medicare DISadvantage: The Private Company Taking Your Medicare Dollars

Thom Hartmann discusses how private, for profit insurance companies claim they are providing you with Medicare coverage, but in reality are simply taking your money for their own financial gain.  

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Dismantling Lies of the Health Insurance Industry

Dismantling Lies of the Health Insurance Industry a Truthseekers Podcast, produced by Michele Swenson, Denver Open Media member and an HCACF board member. 


To Save Money, American Patients And Surgeons Meet In Cancun

In order to save money, American patients and their surgeons are going out of the country to get treatment. Medical Tourism is on the rise. thanks to NASH, North American Specialty Hospital. 

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