Healthcare Inequities and Racism

Current research shows the growing inequities in our healthcare system, especially with respect to available resources and funding.  For example, a hospital that serves people in a white community provides significantly better services with better equipment than a hospital in a community that serves people of color. 

Here are two examples of current research on the existing racial disparities in our current healthcare system.

Health Inequality and Physical Structure Joe Sparks interviews Gracie Himmelstein on Medicare for All Explained

The Work of Philanthropy in Responding to COVID-19 and Addressing Inequality Darren Walker, JD, JAMA


Articles across the country are emerging around this important topic. Here are just three examples, out of dozens of articles. 

‘A History of Racist Policies and Practices’: Coronavirus Reveals Racial Disparities in Healthcare  Rachel Kavalakatt, Standford Daily

Racism in Care Leads to Health Disparities, Doctors and Other Experts Say As They Push for Change Tony Russell,  Washington Post

Racial Disparities Seen in How Doctors Treat Pain, Even Among Children Haider J Warraich, Washington Post

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