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Medicare for All and Private Insurance: It is Like Mixing Oil and Water

James G. Kahn compares private insurance (current system) to Medicare-for-All (single payer) and explains how a single payer system could easily exist without single insurance in charge. He also analyzes scenarios in which private insurance companies might function within a single payer system and in what capacity.  

Read  Medicare for All and Private Insurance: It is Like Mixing Oil and Water  James G Kahn,  What are your thoughts? Please write your comments below.

Medicare for All: A Voter's Cheat Sheet

Dr. James G. Kahn and Dr. Elliot Marseille created a 7 point cheat sheet on the facts of Medicare-for-All in an effort to clarify points made in the June Democratic debate. 7/17/19

Read Medicare for All: A Voter's Cheat Sheet.  What are your thoughts? Please write your comments below.

Medicare For All Explained : A Revelation

For this podcast, Joe Sparks interviews Stephanie Nakajima, Director of Communications at Healthcare-NOW.  Ms. Nakajima talks about her personal healthcare experiences and why there is an urgent need for single payer, Medicare-for-All.  Joe Sparks, Medicare for All Explained, Episode 15

Listen to Medicare For All Explained : A RevelationEpisode 15  What are your thoughts? Please write your comments below.

Where 2020 Democrats Stand on Medicare-for-All - updated version 06/21/19

This updated article includes multiple interactive graphics which illustrate where each candidate stands on Medicare-for-All and other related healthcare issues.  By Kevin Uhrmacher , Kevin Schaul, Paulina Firozi and Jeff Stein, Washington Post.

HCACF's position on this Washington Post article:

"Public Option" - "Medicare Buy-In" - "Medicare X" - "Medicare for America" – "Medicare Extra for All" – These are "Faux Medicare" health coverage proposals by Democrats that seek to appeal to the popular traditional "Medicare" name, while perpetuating at their core the fragmented multiple private health insurance model - complex and administratively costly. The offer of a "Medicare buy-in" or a "Public option" invites cherry-picking by private insurers who pad profits by selectively covering the healthy, while relegating the chronically ill to a "public plan" – thus driving up public costs to increase private profits. Only the cost-sustainability of a National Public Health Insurance, a Single-Payer Medicare for All model can control costs and provide universal coverage in a single large risk pool insurance.

 Where 2020 Democrats Stand on Medicare-for-All-updated July 15, 2019  

Where 2020 Democrats Stand on Medicare-for-All updated September 20, 2019 What are your thoughts? Please write your comments below.

Dismantling the Lies From New Industry Ad

Wendell Potter dismantles the lies being disseminated by private hospitals, Big Pharma and insurance companies. BIHP,  

Watch Dismantling the Lies From New Industry AdWhat are your thoughts? Please write your comments below.

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CDC: 1.1 Million More Americans Lost Health Insurance Coverage in 2018

Ken Alltucker, a reporter from US TODAY, explains how the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 is a major factor in the number of Americans who choose to obtain health insurance.   Data from recent CDC and Gallup surveys confirm that fewer people are insured, fewer people are opting to get care and that 1.1 million people lost their health insurance last year.

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Raise Your Hand If You Like Being Ripped Off by Pharmaceutical Corporations

Alex Lawson and Stephanie Taylor explore the recent bill in Washington that instructs Medicare to negotiate bulk drug rates. However, the drug industry opposes this bill because they want to maintain monopoly control. Polling in three politically diverse states indicates that people support negotiation of bulk drug rates. 

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Is For-Profit Healthcare Bankrupting You? – Medicare For All?

Thom Hartmann discusses that while CEO's of insurance companies are making millions of dollars, Americans are going bankrupt paying for their healthcare.  He suggests that insurance companies need to stop sabotaging Medicare-for-All and need to stay out of politics.  Thom Hartmann, April 19, 2019. Ring of Fire.  

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Hospitals Will Do Fine Under Medicare for All

Matt Bruenig responds to an article in the JAMA about the effects of Medicare-for-All on hospitals' revenue and costs. He includes many helpful links and graphics which illustrate both sides of the issue.  Matt Bruening, People's Policy Project, April 22, 2019

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'That Backfired': Watch Bernie Sanders Counter Right-Wing Talking Point, Make Case for Medicare for All on Fox News

Bernie Sanders was interviewed by FOX News and made the case that Medicare-for-All provides stability and is supported by many Americans on both sides of the aisle.  Jake Johnson, April 16, 2019 Common Dreams


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