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Educating and advocating for single-payer health reform has a rich history in Colorado.  As the national political environment related to health reform has ebbed and flowed through various political and societal influences, the drive to achieve a universal, public, single-payer system on both the state and national levels continues to grow.  But this path has not been without its challenges.

In 2008, Ron Forthofer, Ph.D., shared a history of single-payer advocacy in Colorado. You can access that recording here.

In 2011, a timeline recounting the long, rich history of HCAC and the HCAC Foundation was also added to the record. 

In 2013 HCAC Foundation president Thomas Gottlieb captured more recent history surrounding single-payer advocacy and the challenges of health reform work over the last several months. The HCAC Board and the HCACF Board will continue to review, edit, and comment on this historical overview to make sure those who wish to join our ranks and those who simply wish to know our history, are able to easily access and understand the path we have followed.  Every person who has been a part of our effort over the years has carried with them a perspective and details about how the work has unfolded.  Please feel free to be in touch should you wish to share your comments or share any updates to the information recorded here.

At some wonderful moment in the future that we cannot yet predict, we will write the history of how universal, public, single-payer reform was passed and implemented in Colorado and nationally. We invite you to be a part of our journey and to make your mark on our shared history.

For questions or comments please contact us at info@hcacfoundation.org

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