22 Studies Agree: 'Medicare for All' Saves Money

"The evidence abounds: A 'Medicare for All' single-payer system would guarantee comprehensive coverage to everyone in America and save money." In January a research team published their evaluation of formal economic studies of 22 national and state single-payer proposals over the past 30 years. The largest savings - 75% administrative cost savings ($600 billion annually) - is attributed to simplified single-payer billing. 

Single-payer insurance can also leverage considerable savings through negotiation of prescription drug costs, as well as global healthcare spending budgets. There is near-consensus in these analyses that simplified single-payer public funding would reduce health expenditures while providing high-quality insurance to all U.S. residents.

22 Studies Agree: 'Medicare for All' Saves Money by Diane Archer, Opinion Contributor, The Hill

Projected Costs of Single-Payer Healthcare Financing in the United States: A Systematic Review of Economic Analyses PLOS Medicine

 PLOS Medicine Graphic

  PLOS Medicine Graphic

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