Recent Reports & Activities

North Denver: Human & Environmental Sacrifice Zone

Named the most toxic zip code in 2017, 80216 encompasses North Denver communities impacted by 2 highways, a largely unremediated Superfund Site, and City & CDOT plans to lower and triple the footprint of Interstate 70 through these communities. Community members discuss the multi-generational health impacts of contamination on their families and neighborhoods.

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The Real Deal with Medicare for All with Robert Reich

Robert Reich created a video which breaks down how much an average family currently spends on healthcare and then compares that amount to what it would cost if we had Medicare for All here in the United States. The only logical conclusion: We need Medicare for All and we need it now. 

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Medicare for All: Medicine for a For-Profit System Addicted to Itself

Imagine not having to worry about how you were going to pay for each test, each doctor visit, every medication or every health scare you have. Donna Smith, HCACF co-president and PDA's Advisory Board Chair, expresses her relief for finally being able to reap the benefits of Medicare and explains why Medicare for All is the only fiscally and socially responsible healthcare system.

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Research & Analysis (PNHI)

Public Takings of Private Health Insurance (revised November 2019)

The Medicare for All Act of 2019 is subjected to the last clause of the Fifth Amendment of the US Constitution.  This revised report was written by Board members Thomas Gottlieb and Eldon Van der Wege.

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Pricing and Payment: National Outpatient Prescription Drug Plan

HCACF Board members Eldon Van Der Wege and Thomas Billroth Gottlieb recently studied how viable market techniques, when combined with efficient financing, can lower the prices of outpatient prescription drugs and provide coverage for everyone. 

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Health Financing Drives Equitable Health Care

HCACF co-president, Tom Gottlieb, currently is presenting several discussions regarding the financing of healthcare. These OLLI classes are offered at the University of Denver and focus on how financing influences universal health care, and the difference between healthcare and the healthcare system.

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