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The ‘Public Option’ on Health Care Is a Poison Pill

David U. Himmelstein and Steffie Woolhandler from The Nation, take an in-depth look at how private insurances operate, citing that "the case for a public option rests on faulty economic logic and naive assumptions about how private insurance actually works."  

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Healthcare Reformer Wendell Potter: The For-Profit 'System Is Unraveling'

Michael Winship interviewed Wendell Potter from Tarbell and Business for Medicare for All. They discussed many topics including healthcare reform, Medicare for All, the Affordable Care Act, rising costs of medical care and propaganda campaigns by private insurers.

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Four Key Things You Should Know About Health Care

Ezekiel J. Emanuel and Victor R. Fuchs take an in-depth look at what they are citing as the four fallacies about our healthcare system:

1) Employers pay for employees’ health insurance
2) Medicare for All is unaffordable
3) Insurance companies’ profits drive health care costs
4) Price transparency can bring down health care costs

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Research & Analysis (PNHI)

Health Financing Drives Equitable Health Care

HCACF co-president, Tom Gottlieb, currently is presenting several discussions regarding the financing of healthcare. These OLLI classes are offered at the University of Denver and focus on how financing influences universal health care, and the difference between healthcare and the healthcare system.

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It is Time to Discontinue Employer Provided Private Health Insurance Premiums, a Non-Taxable Remuneration (Fringe Benefit)

Employers have provided private health insurance as remuneration (fringe benefit) for workers since WWII.  Beyond 1980, this benefit has become more destructive than beneficial.  (See the New York times article written by Matt Bruenig on April 29, 2019).

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Extended Medicare Framework

Understanding current Medicare structure and law leads to a logical extension of Medicare that includes all Americans. HealthCare for All Colorado Foundation provides a summary that defines implementation of a financial plan for an Extended Medicare (aka Medicare-for-All). 

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