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Cancer Coverage on Medicare Advantage? Things you SHOULD know

Christopher Westfall, from Senior Savings Network, takes an in-depth look at Medicare Advantage plans, specifically the "How to Read My Health Plans" section of the current Medicare and You Booklet. His findings are informative and very insightful into the difficulties of understanding Medicare Advantage.

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Medicare For All Will Save Working Families THOUSANDS Each Year

Farron Cousins take a personal look at how Medicare for All will save the average American family thousands of dollars every year, which is money that would then be put back into our economy. Based on our best information and research, this article represents HCACF's support of Medicare for All but does not reflect our views on any particular candidate. 

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How Healthy is Our Health Care System and Why Does It Cost So Much and What Can We Do About It?

HCACF Board member Vince Markovchick, MD not only presents on the condition of our current healthcare system and its out of control costs, but also provides a feasible solution.  He compares the current healthcare abuses and fraud to what he calls an "Ideal" health care plan; a means towards achieving a single-payer system.

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Research & Analysis (PNHI)

Pricing and Payment: National Outpatient Prescription Drug Plan

HCACF Board members Eldon Van Der Wege and Thomas Billroth Gottlieb recently studied how viable market techniques, when combined with efficient financing, can lower the prices of outpatient prescription drugs and provide coverage for everyone. 

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Health Financing Drives Equitable Health Care

HCACF co-president, Tom Gottlieb, currently is presenting several discussions regarding the financing of healthcare. These OLLI classes are offered at the University of Denver and focus on how financing influences universal health care, and the difference between healthcare and the healthcare system.

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It is Time to Discontinue Employer Provided Private Health Insurance Premiums, a Non-Taxable Remuneration (Fringe Benefit)

Employers have provided private health insurance as remuneration (fringe benefit) for workers since WWII.  Beyond 1980, this benefit has become more destructive than beneficial.  (See the New York times article written by Matt Bruenig on April 29, 2019).

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