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Nevada Culinary Union Favors Benefits Provided By Private Commercial Insurance

The Nevada Culinary Union has established a position which favors benefits provided by private commercial insurance, as opposed to single-payer or universal health care. Information and Disinformation (lies) will become the business of the current 2020 American political campaign. How will Americans/Union members be able to differentiate the truth from lies?

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The Lie of Healthcare 'Choice'

"In our corporate-run health system, consumer "choices" are shaped entirely by profit-seeking monopolists."  Jim Hightower is fed up with insurance companies, along with hospitals and drug companies, ripping off the American people.

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Medicare For All Would Save $450 Billion Annually While Preventing 68,000 Deaths, New Study Shows

A study published in The Lancet medical journal found that $450 billion would be saved every year if the United States converted to a single-payer, Medicare for All healthcare system. It also concluded that lower income families would greatly benefit from a single-payer system.  Eliminating the current reality of profit over people, is another significantly positive factor.  

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Research & Analysis (PNHI)

Extended Medicare For All: A Financial Approach

Research documents describe a financial plan for implementation of social health insurance; Extended Medicare for All Framework, Consolidation of US Health Insurance, Expanding and Improving Medicare, and a Drug Prescription Plan.

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Public Takings of Private Health Insurance (revised November 2019)

The Medicare for All Act of 2019 is subjected to the last clause of the Fifth Amendment of the US Constitution.  This revised report was written by Board members Thomas Gottlieb and Eldon Van der Wege.

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Pricing and Payment: National Outpatient Prescription Drug Plan

HCACF Board members Eldon Van Der Wege and Thomas Billroth Gottlieb recently studied how viable market techniques, when combined with efficient financing, can lower the prices of outpatient prescription drugs and provide coverage for everyone. 

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