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4th Annual Universal Health Care Conference

Announcing the 4th Annual Universal Health Care Conference on Saturday, June 29th.  This is sponsored by the Colorado Foundation for Universal Health Care, co-sponsored by Health Care for All Colorado and Health Care for All Colorado Foundation.  Keynote Speaker: Wendell Potter – 20-year insurance executive turned whistle blower, author "Deadly Spin: Insurance Co. Insider speaks out on How Corporate PR is Killing Health Care & Deceiving Americans"

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House Ways and Means Committee Letter

HCACF Board members Michele Swenson and Tom Gottlieb wrote a letter to the House Ways and Means committee in response to the recent Hearing on Pathways to Universal Health Coverage. 

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Medicare for All Resolutions Webinar

On May 21, 2019, a Medicare for All Resolutions webinar was conducted to bring people together, as a coalition effort in support of "Healthcare is a Human Right". Melinda St. Louis, the Campaign Director for Medicare for All at Public Citizen was the facilitator for this event. 

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Research & Analysis (PNHI)

It is Time to Discontinue: Employer Provided Private Health Insurance Premiums, a Non-Taxable Remuneration (Fringe Benefit)

Employers have provided private health insurance as remuneration (fringe benefit) for workers since WWII.  Beyond 1980, this benefit has become more destructive than beneficial.  (See the New York times article written by Matt Bruenig on April 29, 2019).

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Extended Medicare Framework

Understanding current Medicare structure and law leads to a logical extension of Medicare that includes all Americans. HealthCare for All Colorado Foundation provides a summary that defines implementation of a financial plan for an Extended Medicare (aka Medicare-for-All). 

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Expanding and Improving Medicare

Eldon Van Der Wege, MBA and
Thomas Billroth Gottlieb, MD

This paper describes the structure of Medicare funding as defined today. The future expansion and improvement of Medicare is further defined with a funding source already defined by existing federal law.

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