Recent Reports & Activities

Medicare for Each of Us in the Age of the Coronavirus

Now more than ever, the coronavirus pandemic has brought to light the urgent need for universal healthcare.  The cost of healthcare keeps increasing yet our access to quality care does not. Why? Corporatism has put an emphasis on profit instead of on the patient.

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Coronavirus Proves It: We Need Medicare For All

During this time of a global crisis, putting politics or economics before the patients and their health is unethical and dangerous.  Although universal health care or a single-payer system is not perfect, it  can save lives and reduce cost. We must guarantee Patients over Profit. 

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Medicare For All: The Social Transformation Of US Health Care

There are many options that claim to be answer to our troubled and costly healthcare system, but a single-payer plan that is publicly funded is the only solution. Our current corporatized model is the reason why so many Americans are calling for reform as the only means to repair our dysfunctional healthcare system.

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Research & Analysis (PNHI)

Financing Extended Medicare for All

Understanding current Medicare structure and law leads to a logical extension of Medicare that includes all Americans. We provide a summary that defines implementation of a financial plan for an Extended Medicare (aka Medicare for All).  We compare 2020 Medicare with Extended Medicare for All to demonstrate financing for those 65 and older, those under age 65, and prescription drug coverage for all Americans.

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Extended Medicare For All: A Financial Approach

Research documents describe a financial plan for implementation of social health insurance; Extended Medicare for All Framework, Consolidation of US Health Insurance, Expanding and Improving Medicare, and a Drug Prescription Plan.

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Public Takings of Private Health Insurance (revised November 2019)

The Medicare for All Act of 2019 is subjected to the last clause of the Fifth Amendment of the US Constitution.  This revised report was written by Board members Thomas Gottlieb and Eldon Van der Wege.

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