HCACF Board Newsletters

Tom Gottlieb, president of the HCACF board, sends out a monthly newsletter to board members to keep everyone up to date on what the board is working on and considering.

Please feel free to follow these monthly updates from Tom.

Click on the links below for individual newsletters.

HCACF Board_Newsletter Vol_1__No_2

HCACF Board_Newsletter Vol_1__No_6

HCACF Board_Newsletter_Vol_1__No_7

HCACF Board_Newsletter_Vol_1__No_8a

HCACF Board_Newsletter_Vol_1_No_8b

HCACF Board_Newsletter_Vol_1_No_10

HCACF Board_Newsletter_Vol_2_No_1

HCACF Board_Newsletter_Vol_2_No_2



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