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Washington Reforms Fragment Health Risk Pools, Driving Up Costs

Read Board Member Michele Swenson's article in the Huffington Post:  Republicans’ “free-market” mantra implies that greater numbers of commercial health insurances will increase healthcare access while decreasing cost - nothing could be further from the truth. Breaking up health coverage into numerous small risk pools is the most unsustainable model of health financing.
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U.S. Healthcare Financing Reform: The Consolidation of the Health Insurance Industry

Eldon Van Der Wege, MBA and
Thomas Billroth Gottlieb, MD

In this study, we propose the US health insurance system should be consolidated using a mergers and acquisitions strategy to reduce the current inequality and administrative inefficiency in healthcare. We believe that our study has significant policy implications for healthcare reform and will result in higher quality services at a reduced cost and healthier communities.

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Funding the Consolidation to a National Health Insurance Enterprise

Robert Messman, BSEE, MBA

With 10 year Treasury bill rates below 2.5%, it is the perfect time for the Federal Government to buy out US Health care insurers in order to replace their bloated overhead with a more efficient single insurer system like Medicare offering serious reductions in U.S. health care costs.

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HEALTH CARE SYSTEMS REFORM: It’s the Financing, Stupid!

Thomas Billroth Gottlieb, MD

Physicians, health care providers, and citizens/residents want high quality health care at reasonable cost resulting in healthy communities.  Education and research surrounding these democratic values of quality, cost, and healthy communities have been opposed by corporate stake holders of the medical industrial complex.  These values are not being met in the US.  Due to failure to achieve these goals, the US health care system has become a troubled asset in need of a Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP).  

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