Just in from PNHP President Robert Zarr as SNaHP Hosts Largest Conference Ever

from Dr. Robert Zarr

I had the great honor and thrill of participating in last Saturday’s annual summit of Students for a National Health Program (SNaHP) – on the theme of “Healing the Heart of Medicine” (on Valentine’s Day) – on the University of Illinois-Chicago medical campus.

And what a summit it was! More than 170 medical and other health professional students from over 50 institutions and 26 states came together to hear evidence-based, provocative talks and to participate in more than a dozen workshops with titles like “Single Payer 101,” “Building a Social Media Presence,” "Intersections of Race, Health and Social Justice," and “Myth Busters: Answering Difficult Questions about Single Payer.”

It was SNaPH’s biggest summit ever – about twice the size of last year’s.

I was deeply moved, and the students clearly were too: “This is the single-most motivating event of my year,” wrote one in a roundup. “There is nothing like being in a roomful of motivated, energized students who are committed to seeing single payer through within our lifetimes.”

Other students used terms like “inspiring,” “extremely informative,” and “galvanizing.” Still another said the experience had changed her from being a relatively passive supporter of improved Medicare for All to “a fire-starter” who will “light matches in every dark, unreached mind” about single payer.

The students were extremely animated in their discussions. They strategized about the way forward, including how to establish more SNaHP chapters across the country and to otherwise ramp-up their single-payer advocacy. And they raved about the keynote address by Dr. Linda Rae Murray, past president of the American Public Health Association.

You’ll find a selection of the summit presentations and handouts here, and a selection of photos of the day’s activities here, which will give you a sense of the upbeat mood.

First organized in 2012 by PNHP medical student members, the SNaHP Summit is PNHP’s only national program completely led and organized by students, for students. Emily Henkels, PNHP’s national organizer, once again provided key logistical support prior to and on the day of the event. Other PNHP staffers pitched in to make the summit a success, too.

Pictured above:  PNHP’s student board members and Dr. Robert Zarr. From left, Xin Guan, Scott Goldberg, Zarr, Joshua Faucher and James Besante

HCAC Joins in Largest Denver MLK, Jr., Marade -- Supports Health Equality


From the Denver Post -- Denver Mayor Michael Hancock estimated 30,000-plus gathered at City Park on Monday morning and marched downtown as part of the city's annual Marade. The crowd called — or rather bellowed — for more than just progress in race, marching also for social justice, education reform and healthcare equality.


Published on Tuesday, January 20, 2015 by Common Dreams

Single-Payer: It's What the People Want

New poll shows majority of Americans support such a system.

common_dreams_single_payer.jpgA majority of Americans support a single-payer, Medicare-for-all healthcare system, a new poll shows.The results showed that just over 50 percent of the 1,500 likely voters surveyed indicated support for a single-payer system. Almost 80 percent of Democrats supported such a plan, while 25 of Republicans did.The findings were first shared with The Hill by the Progressive Change Institute, an arm of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee.The new poll comes on the heels of Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin's abandoning what was seen as a trailblazing plan to create a single-payer healthcare system in his state. The move was derided by Dr. Andrew D. Coates, president of Physicians for a National Health Program, who said, "Vermonters throughout the state understand that an equitable health care system must be truly universal and must remove all financial barriers to medically necessary care. They recognize that a public single payer is an essential incremental step toward these goals.""The time for a single-payer system is now. Our patients in every state urgently need it," Coates added.That sentiment is widely shared.  To read the entire article, including quotes from HCACF executive director Donna Smith, CLICK HERE.

The Health Care for All Colorado Foundation supports achieving health care justice and equality through an improved and expanded Medicare for all for life model. The Health Care for All Colorado Foundation provides education and research support for achievement of a truly universal, public, single-payer plan that covers everyone without financial barrier.

As we watch the beginnings of the implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), we know there will be many who are left without access to needed care or the coverage to secure that care. Current estimates are that even after ACA implementation, 400,000 Coloradans will remain uninsured. Many thousands more in Colorado will be underinsured and ill-prepared for an illness or injury as bare-bones policies that meet the minimum requirements of the new federal reform may not supply adequate coverage.

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