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Waste, Fraud & Abuse

WATCH HCACF's "Waste, Fraud & Abuse", featuring the president of the HCACF Board, Vince Markovchick, M.D., and learn more about our dysfunctional healthcare system.

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National Health Insurance Reform (PNHI)

Single Risk-Pool vs. Fractured Multi-Payer Commercial Health Insurance Model

Horsey, David. "You're Making This Way Too Hard." She is in Complete Ruins, SFGATE, 2017


Listen to Board Member Michele Swenson's Commentary.

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U.S. Healthcare Financing Reform: The Consolidation of the Health Insurance Industry

Eldon Van Der Wege, MBA and
Thomas Billroth Gottlieb, MD

In this study, we propose the US health insurance system should be consolidated using a mergers and acquisitions strategy to reduce the current inequality and administrative inefficiency in health care. We estimate the cost to federal Government of acquiring the entire private health insurance industry at $714 billion, using the enterprise value, market share, and financial characteristics of commercial health insurers. We estimate the associated payback period at two years. We use these findings to argue that consolidation would be the most effective method of achieving affordability, equitable access, and cost savings in healthcare.

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Funding the Consolidation to a National Health Insurance Enterprise

Robert Messman, BSEE, MBA

A recent white paper by the HCAC Foundation proposes a surprisingly practical financing strategy for converting U.S. health care to a single insurer system. The plan, detailing eye-popping savings for Americans, would maintain the integrity of stock and bond markets by using an acquisition process under which the Federal government would buy out the health care insurance business of private insurance providers at an adjusted enterprise value in order to consolidate the industry under the proven low cost model of Medicare.

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